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Moodle Teachers – Check what your students are doing with Timestat Block plugin


Moodle is world’s most popular open source learning management system with more than 415 million users around the world. There are more than 2,200+ free to use Moodle plugins which allows the Administrators to customize the Moodle LMS according to their requirements. In this post we will see how you can measure the real activity done by Moodle users in your course.

The Timestat block plugin allows you to easily measure the time spent by your students in your Moodle course. The block plugin measures time only when the browser tab is active giving you pretty good reports of actual time spent by the users.

The block counts time only on the pages on which it has been added, so you need to add the block on the pages where you want to count the time. The block offers a visual time counter, visible to users with specific permissions (block/timestat:viewtimer) or to all users enrolled in the course, if enabled in the settings. Time is tracked even if the block or counter isn’t visible to a student.

Additionally, the block includes a link to a detailed report on time spent, with filters for course, activity, and user. Initially, only roles such as editing teachers, teachers, course creators, managers, and admins can access this report. The ‘block/timestat:viewreport’ capability allows extending access to other roles.

You can download the Timestat block plugin from the official plugins repository here.

What are the other useful plugins you are using on your Moodle site? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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