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Check out the top exciting features included in Moodle 4.4


Moodle 4.4 – the next major version of the Moodle LMS has been released today. Along with Moodle 4.4 there are other supported minor versions released. The new major Moodle version released is packed with a lot of exciting new features.

  • Course page improvements and activity icons: A fresher look – Course pages, the heart of Moodle’s learning experience, have received significant improvements in Moodle LMS 4.4. The navigation experience within a course has been improved to help learners focus on the material at hand; by default, clicking on the section heading in the left-hand course index or on the section title will now navigate the student to a section page displaying only the content for that particular section.
  • Streamline communication with enhanced notifications – Moodle LMS 4.4 introduces enhanced notification options to proactively inform and engage users. Students are alerted when manually enrolled in courses, ensuring they can engage with new learning opportunities right away. If students are at risk of being unenrolled due to inactivity, they can be alerted to give them the chance to re-engage and continue their learning journey.
  • Ordering Question type in Moodle core – Funded by Moodle Users Association, the ordering question type enabling educators to create dynamic assessments that require learners to sequence content accurately. This tool develops learners’ problem-solving skills and deepens their understanding of narrative coherence and metacognition. 
  • Forum Upgrades – In Moodle 4.4, there are many significant forum management enhancements such as configurable defaults for announcements to forums, paired with quick access to the “Post to all groups” option.
  • TinyMCE text editor – Now, TinyMCE text editor is the default editor for all newly installed and upgraded LMS sites.
  • Better image handling -Image handling is more streamlined, giving a better user experience.
  • Mult-Factor Authentication via SMS – Multi-factor authentication now includes the option to authenticate via an SMS code. 
  • Last Saved Quiz Attempt & Section based grading
  • Many more…

These are just a glimpse of many new exciting features included in the Moodle 4.4 version. We encourage you to setup a development Moodle portal to test out the new features included in the new version before upgrading your current version to the latest version.

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